Friday, July 2, 2010

Why I bought new shoes

I am a walking animal.  I was built with the hardware I need to transport myself  on the planet.  Feet, legs, hips, spine, torso, neck erectus and dangling on top-the head.

Body Habitat projects take me out of wondering Who I Am. Out of measuring and testing myself to become a better, kinder, happier, sexier, smarter, more spiritual, shinier person.  As my body shapes, listens;  revives contact with natural worlds, I begin to wonder What I Am.? This question is new.  I like it.

So far:   vulnerable, unfurry, guessing, dependent, bony, viral, imaginative, horny, fussy, ground-roving, thin-skinned, predatory, muscular. I easily fall prey to nettles, blackberries, roses and small sharp rocks embedded in my heels.

Here are my new shoes.  Patagonias from REI.  I feel extravagant, embarrassed, happy to have them.

It is hard to remember that BHWalking project is about walking, not suffering.   

here we are.