Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art show goes on while I walk and a bit more

As my eyes become the eyes of a walker, I see the art show on display along the streets of Portland. There is wilderness, there are wilderness galleries and their are the sculpture tattoos of my kind everywhere. Some of these I like. Some I just see. Here are a few for your walker eyes to enjoy.

Today the squirrel lays down on the platform where I feed the birds and animals in my backyard wilderness. His paws are in front of him; squirrel sphinx like. His back legs and pawns sprawled out behind him. Wet dishrag squirrel pose. He tilts his head to the nuts and seeds and eats them up for awhile. Then he lays his head down across his front legs and closes his eyes. Summer squirrel pose.

I am learning a lot.

here we are.