Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here I can imagine everything

I remember looking out into the woods at Shotpouch Creek, decked out in Body Habitat attire, breathing softly, just ending a long dance with the singing trillium, the pine cone husks & the birds. I think--here it is, right here I can imagine everything I am.

After a year of making projects to put our bodies into the many landscapes, we drop into animal body and the dance with native land with ease. We return to animal body & attune each time we dance in the forests; both wilderness & urban. We fall deeper into our native place. How lucky are we?

But at Shotpouch Creek, we began to wonder: What is as true as our bodies can get moving through the landscape? What is as true as we can get in this human animal body in motion--migrating, grazing, nesting, re-seeding, laying down & locating ourselves in no place except underneath our heavy heads?

Tomorrow morning we begin a new body habitat practice. We walk. Today I left Portland realizing that I will see my home again when 10 days from now, I walk back into it. Over the Sellwood Bridge to Foster to Performance Works NW. I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm ready.

I will walk for every one of us. I will tell you all about it.