Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One way the body "thinks" = curiosity

Body Habitat Walking is propelled by many curiosities:
What does walking and our feet have to teach us?
What of the commoditization of the natural body walking into a sport-based activity, or a method to lose weight, or a way to raise money for good causes?

Who benefits and who loses when we walk?
The geo-architectural planning implications of a culture that does not walk?
The development of psychosocial personality & belief structures (many fear & class based) that become reinforced in the Mind that does not walk on the planet?
The character of physical weariness & longing of the body that does not walk on its native landscape?

Is walking a way to recover the paradise-cycle of being lost, found, lost, and found again, repetitively throughout a lifetime?
What of the eco-political forces that keeps us dependent on wheels instead of feet?

Can walking weave an awareness of fragility and mortality into our everyday lives?