Monday, July 26, 2010

Monmouth feels delicious

We are remembering that this is about walking, not suffering. We left a small cache of items we decided we didn't really need at our last camping spot. We are going to leave more here in Monmouth and have Jay bring them to us in Salem tomorrow night. Just the idea of a lighter pack makes us happy.

It is really stressful to walk on the highway. We were on highway 99 for about 3 miles today. Huge trucks and fast cars flying by. I almost lost my hat in the wind of a truck. Tense shoulders and busy mind, and eyes focused on the highway and cars rather than on the landscape. We had to stay hyper vigilant to stay safe. It was warzoneish.

we cut off onto hemlick road, the old highway 99. It was easier. We took a long break under an old oak tree. Someone's yard, but no one came out to chase us away. However later as we rested after lunch under an apple tree, the neighbor decided to mow his already very short lawn and blow a storm of dust and noise at us. We got the point and moved on. Further along someone offered us a place to camp and a young man we asked for directions wondered if we were missionaries. We laughed and said no, we were walking as an art project.

We stumbled into the hotel. The beds felt holy. The showers were wet and very welcome. Burgerville gets two thumbs up, for food, service, northwest ingredients and compostable containers.

Last night we fell asleep under the full moon. Tonight we might not make it that late.

From lily and Lisa, we are body habitat and so are you.

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