Saturday, July 17, 2010

My sweetie got me an ipad for the journey. It is a whole new experience to type on these funny keyboards. I once typed two fingered. Now I am typing with two thumbs.

Tonight I will walk to da Vinci days and listen to music.

This experiment In urban walking is interesting. I am finding I miss the forest. But I don't want to use my car anymore than I have to. So just keep stepping out my front door. I look for new routes. Try to find urban paths. Look into gardens. I'm nosy. It keeps me interested.

I wonder about our longer walk. In urban settings basic needs are in some ways more difficult. I wonder where we will find to fill our water bottles or if we will need to carry a days worth of water with us. I wonder if we will find private places to eat our lunch or use the loo. I wonder how strangers will react to two middle aged women walking with backpacks through their towns.

Lily is right, you cannot plan an adventure. Not really. But I am trying to lay down as many contigency plans as possible. I am trying to be prepared. I don't want to have to walk too far out of our way to pick up something we forgot to bring. I want to be safe.


Location:NW Grant Ave,Corvallis,United States