Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little walk @ pace of our own choosing

Day 4 walking we sleep-in at Travel Lodge til 8, eat delicious breakfast at Word of Mouth neighborhood bistro. Go shopping for long skirts & tall socks to cover our weather-beaten legs & ankles.

Also spent time in conversation about our performative lecture & discussion last night at Project Space gallery. We liked doing it, a lot. They liked us just as much. Threads of evening: safety & stress on the road, how & why pedestrian-culture has disappeared, walking stories, sharing the sightings & sounds we enjoy at the pace of walking that are lost to us when we travel enclosed or faster. We shared our blistered & red rashed skin. We showed our found objects; 2 plastic sunflower heads, a dried-bat, a tree gaul. We discussed small details of travelling by foot, and the big wide issues of culture and body. What we thought we knew In our minds is now being experienced in our feet.

Today we walked from the urban into the rural and watched as first the pedestrians and then the sidewalks disappeared. But not the cars. We walked at an unhurried pace & wished the whole walk could be without deadlines or unconstrained by reservations or the awkward distances between hotels.

From Lily and Lisa. We are Body Habitat and so are you.

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Location:Hazelgreen Rd NE,Salem,United States