Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here are some observations, quotes, experiences and epiphanies of day 1, 11.5 miles walking.

"everything in my pack smells like pepperoni"
"they'll find us by my pee rag." (hanging on a tree branch to dry)
"thank you god for giving us bodies that can lay down"
"excuse me but I talk to inanimate objects. If it bugs you let me know"
"I like shade."

We are walking an average of a mile and a half each hour. We take lots of breaks and a long lunch stop. We are going to eat the heavy stuff first. They should make dehydrated water.

And we love noticing the dragonflies, honeybees and the friendliness of horses. The horses left their grazing spot to come say hello. Shelley brought us fresh blueberries in the middle of our walk along hwy 99 - thanks! Jay fed us sodas and chips for lunch. The cashiers in small stores all wished us well and a safe journey.

Harder to see: dogs in small pens without shade, so little public space beyond the narrow strip of the highway, so many cars, and so few places to get a drink of water.

From lily and lisa, we are body habitat and so are you.

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Location:NW Grant Ave,Corvallis,United States