Friday, July 16, 2010

Almost everyone walks here

Here I am at the Portland airport.   PDX.  On my way, flyingwise, to Chicago.

Every place I look, people are on their feet walking. 
There are moving-sidewalks, elevators, and escalators, but each one of these comes to an End.  And people walk.

Out the windows are big airplanes and smaller airplanes.  People in airline uniforms walking around
underneath them.  Everywhere, people walking.

There are 3 trees I can see from here at my gate, E2.  They grow under open glass skylights and huge windows. Each one growing in it's own square wooden planter, a shiny silver rim along the top.

So this is not the wilderness of dense tree, brush, shrub and pine needles. Here we are somewhere between the city and the landscape.   We all walk under the awning of 3 trees someone planted for us.

Thank you tree planter whoever you are.

I wish I had my bird-call whistles with me; lingering near the trees I'd tweet a little. A slight nudge of awareness to bring more outside inside,  more feet awareness than shoe, more head in the clouds than    airplane.

here we are.